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There's a common dilemma these days. People who have a lot of events to let people know about don't have the time to make the events known. Here’s a solution.

I know html, css, and the various blog/calendar/cms applications, and I can keep your website up to date on whatever schedule you need. It all can be arranged very simply, and it's one less thing for you to worry about when you're on the road or just completely busy.

This is one zone where my backgrounds in research, internet standards, copyediting, and transcription all come together. It was originally designed as a service for musicians, though it may have many other uses.

one-time setup:

  • 1) send me the link to your existing site
  • 2) we’ll discuss delivery methods and discuss access/posting methods

repeating cycle:

  • 1) get me the basic information
  • 2) I’ll put it together
  • 3) let me know of any adjustments needed
  • 4) monthly or quarterly payment by check or paypal: $30/€21/£19

delivery methods:

info (at) jenniegottschalk (dot) com

reach me by Skype:

Skype Me™!

or through your own (US) phone:

or by email

  • meeting
  • phone message
  • phone or skype conversation
  • mp3
  • email
  • fax
  • mail
  • any combination of the above

I’ll figure it out from the material you give me and online research, and match the formatting already on your site. If I have any questions I’ll let you know.

posting options:


  • A) If you want, you can give me access to your blog engine/cms/site/calendar/etc. Or you can give me your password and I can get in and create a username for myself.
  • B) I’ll send you the material in format that is ready for your platform, and you can post it directly.